Dukes Avenger Club Pro KW Cricket Bat JUNIOR

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The junior Dukes Avenger Club Pro KW cricket bat is designed for young cricketers looking to progress their game.

Hand crafted from quality unbleached Kashmir Willow.

Traditional cane, handle with unique herringbone grip.

Rubber toe guard fitted.

Knocking in and oiling is required.

Approxsize guide (player height):

Harrow 163 -168cm / 5ft 3in - 5ft 5in
Size 6 157 - 163cm / 5ft 1in - 5ft 3in
Size 5 150 - 157cm / 4ft 9in - 5ft 1in
Size 4 144 - 150cm / 4ft 7in - 4ft 9in
Size 3 137 -144cm / 4ft 5in - 4ft 7in
Size 2 129 -137cm / 4ft 2in - 4ft 5in
Size 1 120 -129cm /3ft 11in - 4ft 2in
Size 0 115 -120cm /3ft 9in - 3ft 11in

These sizes are for guidance only, junior bat sizes may vary slightly between brands.

Players should be able to comfortably hold the bat in the back lift position.
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