Gunn & Moore Original LE Cricket Batting Gloves

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The Original Limited Edition batting gloves from GM provide International quality protection and comfort.

Pittards Armortan leather palm treatment retains the unique Pittards WR100X performance characteristics of water repellency, perspiration resistance and breathability as well as increasing the abrasion resistance by 25% without any loss of feel, grip or comfort.

Additional palm wear patch.

Multi-section back of hand for ease of movement.

Raw cotton finger rolls with overflaps.

XRD and fibre overflaps to lead fingers.

XRD - extreme impact protection.

Consistent repeat impact absorption.

HD foam and fibre overflaps to other fingers.

Pro PU back of hand with HD foam and plastic fibre filling.

Breathable fingers for added comfort.

Foam underlay to back of hand for all day comfort.

Three piece side bar protection.

One piece side bar protection to top hand.

Two piece thumb.

Double sided towelling wristband.

Available for right handed or left handed players.

Sizes: Standard only.

Approx size guide:

Standard: H 20.75cm, W 11.25cm

Height from top of wrist to top of middle finger and width across knuckles, excluding thumb, when hand laid flat natural position.
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Gunn & Moore Original LE Cricket Bat
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