Masuri T Line Cricket Batting Pads

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The T Line batting leg guards feature advanced Masuri Applied Technologies including PRO FOAMS, KNEE BLADE EXTRA and KNEE WING designed to offer ultimate protection to the player where it is needed most.

A modern take on the traditional construction this pad has greater impact absorption to the area a batsman needs it most - the knee.

The most popular choice of pad within the range.

PRO FOAMS: A combination of graded foams that increases impact absorption. Different combinations ensure the optimum balance of protection and flexibility in high risk impact areas.

KNEE BLADE EXTRA: Reinforced PRO FOAM positioned in front of the traditional knee bolster of the batting pad. Integrated within the pad, reducing the risk of a ball penetrating the knee roll without impacting running movement or comfort.

KNEE WING: Reinforced PRO FOAM that protects the vulnerable side impact zone of the knee joint. Strategically positioned on the front of the pad without having any negative impact on movement or comfort.

Socket knee bolster for additional support to the knee.

Butterfly straps for additional comfort and a secure fit.

PU instep.

Right and Left hand player options available.

Approximate size guide (From instep to middle of knee roll):

Standard - 17in / 43.5cm
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Masuri T Line Cricket Batting Pads
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  • Masuri T Line Cricket Batting Pads
  • Masuri T Line Cricket Batting Pads
  • Masuri T Line Cricket Batting Pads
  • Masuri T Line Cricket Batting Pads
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