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Bola Professional Cricket bowling machine with power pack.

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Bola Professional model bowling machine.

Fully enclosed.

Concave profile moulded urethane ball delivery wheels for ultimate accuracy. Top quality for prolonged life.

Microprocessor based digital speed control with membrane switch panel.

Adjustable speed in 1mph increments between 15 and 95mph.

Spin, swing and pace bowling with 19 spin and swing settings.

Electronic random variation facility with solid state electronic wheel braking.

Ball joint complimented by vernier screw adjustment for precision line and strength.

Operation from 12v battery(not included) or with BOLA power pack from 230v mains (included). (or 110v if specified)

Power pack is high amperage transformer giving smooth DC supply for BOLA bowling machines. This enables the BOLA machine to be used from a mains outlet.

Carriage included.

Recommended for use with BOLA practice balls for optimum consistency. Leather balls can be used, but these will wear quickly and consistency of the machine will be compromised.

Can also be used for hockey, conversion kit available separately. Conversion takes five minutes.

In 2016 the Professional Machine was fitted with Brushless Motors which replaced the traditional Brushed Motors that had been used for the previous 30 years. The advantages of the brushless motor are better efficiency and reliability, lighter weight, better build quality and longer working life. In practice that means the machine will run longer from a battery charge, is lighter to carry around and has better control response. The new machines have been on test at Surrey, Lancashire and Warwickshire Country Cricket Clubs in England and their user feedback has been excellent.

Full range of accessories available call office on 020 8530 5307.
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