Gray Nicolls Pro 360 Head Guard

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The Gray Nicolls Pro 360 head guard is an add on piece of protection that attaches to the back of your Gray Nicolls cricket helmet grille with velcro straps.

High impact ABS construction with shock dampening foam lining.

Provides additional coverage around the sides and back of head / neck area.

Suitable for all of the current range of Gray Nicolls cricket helmets.

Sizes: S/M, L/XL

Helmet not included.

This product is designed to reduce the severity and frequency of injuries attained by cricketers while batting. However, no equipment can prevent all possible injuries, and severe head, brain or spinal injuries including paralysis or death may still occur despite using this product. This product will not guard against all possible neck, throat or spinal injurys. Gray Nicolls and it's agents cannot guarantee the safety of the user when using this product.

Do not use for any activities outside of cricket.

This product should not be used after a severe impact. Discard and purchase a new one.
Gray Nicolls NeckGuard
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  • Gray Nicolls NeckGuard
  • Gray Nicolls NeckGuard
  • Gray Nicolls NeckGuard
  • Gray Nicolls NeckGuard
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