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Gunn & Moore NEON GEO Cricket Helmet JUNIOR

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The NEON GEO is a traditionally styled, technically advanced, serious helmet for the serious cricketer.

Complies with BS7928:2013 specification - For use against junior balls only.

Dual density EVA foam is comfortable and protects against impact.

Fitted with a steel GEO grille as standard - Geodesic design mathematically proven to be ultra strong structures. Optimal impact resistance from all frontal directions. (Patent GB 1414762.3 and registered design applied for.)

Sleek grille-shell integration system.

Lightweight construction provides great balance and vision.

Specially engineered internal channels to maximise airflow around the head and between the channels to keep the wearer cool and comfortable.

Active sweat wicking and ventilation system.

Colours: Navy, Green and Maroon.

Approx Size:

Junior 53cm - 56cm

Typically fits juniors up to 14 years old, depending on head size.

For headwear it is recommended to measure just above eyebrows and ears around largest part of head, using string then measure against a ruler to avoid stretched tape measures affecting the measurement.


This product has been passed against a Junior ball only - for same sized helmet tested against senior and junior ball see Small adult version GM342.

This product is designed to reduce the severity and frequency of injuries attained by cricketers while batting. However, no equipment can prevent all possible injuries, and severe head, brain or spinal injuries including paralysis or death may still occur despite using this product. This product will not guard against neck, throat or spinal injury. Gunn & Moore and it's agents cannot guarantee the safety of the user when using this product.

Do not use for any activities outside of cricket.

This product should not be used after a severe impact. Discard and purchase a new one.
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Gunn & Moore NEON GEO Cricket Helmet
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  • Gunn & Moore NEON GEO Cricket Helmet
  • Gunn & Moore NEON GEO Cricket Helmet
  • Gunn & Moore NEON GEO Cricket Helmet
  • Gunn & Moore NEON GEO Cricket Helmet
  • Gunn & Moore NEON GEO Cricket Helmet
  • Gunn & Moore NEON GEO Cricket Helmet
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