Obo CLOUD Hotpants Hockey GK Protective Shorts

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Tight fitting protective pants which are easy to move in but require a set of protective overshorts to avoid unnecessary wear to the lycra materials.

Waist belt to firmly position the pants.
Multi-paneled hip flexor protection to allow complete freedom of movement.
A pre-shaped to fit main protection panel that will not sip and expose the leg during play and that extends to cover the easily bruised inner thigh.
Open crutch area for ease of movement and to help you stay cooler.
Rear waist adjustment to endure perfect fit. Waistband for comfort and rib protection.
Triple density hip pad for protection when logging of sliding.
Tail bone/coccyx protection.
Leg adjustment panel.

To fit waist:
Small: 26-30" [66 to 76 cm]
Medium: 30-34" [76 to 86 cm]
Large: 34-38" [86 to 96 cm]
X Large: 38-42" [96 to 106 cm]

To fit height:
Small: 4'7"-5'4" [140 to 165 cm]
Medium: 5'4"-6'2" [165 to 190 cm]
Large: 6'2"-6'10" [190 to 210 cm]
X Large: 6'2"-6'10" [190 to 210 cm]
Obo CLOUD Hotpants Hockey GK Protective%
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