Grays KN7 Probow Micro Hockey Stick

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The Grays KN7 has balanced power, control and speed to perform in tight areas when under pressure.

Kinetic Core Technology to allow weight redistribution for light and nimble pick up for progressive and fast paced 3D playing styles.

Geocentric Core Technology.

Probow blade profile is ideal for drag flicking and 3D skills.

Probow: 24.75mm at 200mm. Slim blade below grip. Classic curved construction to back of stick. Groove face shape.

Head Shape: Micro 50 degree angle.

Kinetic Core - The core technology in the Kinetic range allows a better balanced precision stick to be produced. Effective redistribution of weight maximises balance and speed.

Twill UD - Twill Carbon with additional torque bars provides extra stability against twisting forces, also increasing the strike zone of the stick.

Graphene Matrix - Graphene is exceptionally strong and lightweight. Combined with the exclusive Grays mix grays have achieved the ultimate epoxy matrix. Graphene allows additional protection from abrasion.

DHP - Durazone Heel Protection - An advanced formulation of abrasion resistant materials which dramatically reduces heel wear.

PFA - Pro Feel Area - Combined with Aramid, the vibration dampening foam used in Kinetic Core Technology softens the first touch, whie the external playing surface is both textured and coated in a high grip silicone.

PEP - Pro Edge Protection - An advanced formulation of impact-resistant materials and resin formulation to help improve the longevity of the backhand edge.

PDH - Pro Dampening Handle - A lightweight, high performance foam surrounds the handle to efficiently dissipate shockwaves.

Colour: Red

Lengths: 36.5, 37.5 and 38.5 inches.

Weight: Light only.
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Grays KN7 Probow Micro Hockey Stick
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  • Grays KN7 Probow Micro Hockey Stick
  • Grays KN7 Probow Micro Hockey Stick
  • Grays KN7 Probow Micro Hockey Stick
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