Mercian Evolution 0.2 HEX Hockey Stick

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The Evolution 0.2 has a 95% carbon lay-up over a fibreglass and basalt micro skeleton, further enhanced by a unique QCS overlay.

All Evolution sticks incorporate a textured resin face for ball control and two vibration control technologies - piezo-electric fibres and an m-gel internal collar.

QCS - Quad Carbon Sleeve - is a full length carbon sock with three specific extra sleeves applied to the key stress points in the stick - four in total.

The sleeve technology provides the same 360-degree strength seen in braided sticks, enhancing the energy transfer for exceptional hitting power.

HEX bend - aids drag flicking and 3D skills. Hexagonal handle blends into the shaft to offer improved stability.

M-Gel - internal silicon rubber sleeve protects the user from some of the vibrations associated with the stiffest sticks.

EVA grip - extra cushioned with a 0.75mm foam layer beneath the standard super-soft M-tek grip.

Composition: 95% Carbon, 5% others (fibreglass, basalt.)

TCDK: A woven Kevlar layer has a fine powdered Tungsten Carbide coating applied to it. The Tungsten Carbide is twice as strong as steel and enhances the already high-level durability characteristics of the Kevlar.

CARBON: Carbon has high-strength, high modulus (stiffness) and light-weight properties, the high-stiffness means that it has limited flex under
impact and so transfers the energy generated by the player into energy imparted into the ball, this giving higher ball speeds.

NANO-POL: The particles within our resins have been altered at a nano-size level (10 x below microscopic). Instead of using nano-carbon particles, the use of rubberised polymers creates a more flexible
but stronger bond between the composite layers. This increases the stiffness of the sticks and reduces de-lamination.

M-Gel: This rubber coating, applied at the base of the handle provides a damping effect, reducing vibrations.

Piezo-Electric Fibres: Used to harvest the vibrations created in these super-stiff sticks and turn them into heat for efficient vibration dampening.

High Friction Finish: Silicon based resin on the face of the sticks for improved ball control and feel.

Colour: Black / Green

Weights: Light only

Lengths: 36.5 and 37.5 inches.
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Mercian Evolution 0.2 HEX Hockey Stick
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  • Mercian Evolution 0.2 HEX Hockey Stick
  • Mercian Evolution 0.2 HEX Hockey Stick
  • Mercian Evolution 0.2 HEX Hockey Stick
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