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Save yourself hours by having us pre prepare your cricket bat for you.

It is generally accepted that knocking in a cricket bat fully by hand will take approximately 6 hours (plus playing in time) for someone with experience.

Bats are oiled by hand and knocked in using a custom made machine for maximum consistency and performance.

This knocking in process brings the bat to approximately 80% pre prepared.

For added peace of mind, we would recommend that you knock in the edges and toe area of the face of the bat by hand with a wooden cricket bat mallet for approximately 15-30 minutes. (Never strike the edges or toe areas of the bat at right angles to the face).

If not already applied to the bat, we would strongly recommend that a protective anti scuff sheet is fitted to the face of the bat and fibreglass reinforced tape applied to the edges.

Before match use, the bat should be played in gently against old used cricket balls and or bowling machine balls in the nets.

Avoid playing down on Yorkers in the nets, no amount of knocking in can protect fully against the damage this may cause.

Simply order your new bat and this knocking-in service on the same order and we will knock the new bat in before it is despatched.

Please allow approx 2-3 weeks for this service.

Please note that the knocking-in charge is non-refundable should the bat be returned for any reason.

Some bat stickers can become slightly scuffed during the knocking in process.
Bat Knocking-in service
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