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Aspex Cosmos RED Revo Sports Sunglasses

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Cosmos glasses come with vented Red Revo lenses.

Revo benefits include: semi-polarising (anti-glare) effect.

Water repellent coating.

Increased hardness (anti-scratch)

The revo coating utilises NASA technology to fine tune light frequencies and transmit light most beneficial to your vision.

Comes with 3 sets of lenses for all light conditions.

Black/Grey TR-90 frame - ultra lightweight, high flex, stronger, impact, heat and chemical resistant.

Adjustable nose piece.

Aspex sunglasses have optical quality decentred Poly Carbonate safety lenses which are impact resistant, anti-scratch and shatterproof.

They offer 400UV/ 100% UV protection and re CE marked.

All models come with a zipped case, microfibre cleaning pouch and set of light enhancing lenses unless otherwise stated.
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Aspex Cosmos RED Revo Sports Sunglasses
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