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The Pros and Cons of Rugby Shoulder Pads - 19/08/2009

There are many differing opinions when it comes to shoulder pads. To many, they are a very important part of rugby equipment, whereas others dislike them. For all of these people, let us look at the pros and cons. Shoulder pads are very important in the world of rugby equipment. They are used to cut down on the force applied during a tackle, which is one of the most physically dangerous aspects of the sport. You will feel most of the force since the shoulder pads are thin, but they still protect your shoulders. Using all the proper rugby equipment can keep you in better shape for the long run. You may well have more tackles in you later on in your sporting life if you wear shoulder pads now! What about being tackled? Shoulder pads can take some of the edge off the force of being tackled during a rugby game. The pads best for this are the ones that cover the biceps, sternum, and ribs as well. It isn't about who is stronger, it is about safety. Let's look at the cons of what should be a vital piece of rugby equipment. They are of course hot as you are wearing an extra shirt that can build up the heat and wear you down. Matches can be extremely hot. You may end up with a false sense of security, because you lose the idea of having limitations. You will have some protection, but shoulder pads are not magical rugby equipment, so you can't charge people constantly and expect to not get injured! Proper tackling technique needs to be practiced with or without shoulder pads. Shoulder pads should be a big part of your
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