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Kwik Cricket Set
Junior Product
RRP: £80.00
Save: 13%
Our Price: £69.99
Kwik Cricket Batting Tees Pack of 5
Junior Product
RRP: £23.00
Save: 13%
Our Price: £19.99
Kwik Crickt Stumps Set
Junior Product
RRP: £20.00
Save: 8%
Our Price: £18.50
Kwik Cricket Bat & Ball Set
Junior Product
RRP: £17.00
Save: 12%
Our Price: £14.99
Kwik Cricket Spare Cricket Bat
Junior Product
RRP: £16.00
Save: 22%
Our Price: £12.50
Kwik Cricket Batting Tee SINGLE
Junior Product
RRP: £4.99
Save: 0%
Our Price: £4.99
Kwik Cricket Ball
Junior Product
RRP: £3.99
Save: 0%
Our Price: £3.99
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Kwik Cricket: an exciting and inclusive game

This exciting and fast-paced game that is fully backed by the England and Wales Cricket Board aims to get as many children as possible active and taking part in sport. More specifically, it aims to increase children's familiarity with cricket, which is a fun and rewarding team sport.

An adaptable and inclusive game:
There is no need for protective equipment as the game is played with plastic bats, balls and stumps, making it accessible for all. The pitch is far smaller than a conventional game of cricket, but the pitch size can be increased to make the game a little more difficult if necessary.

The wonderful thing about this game is how adaptable it is. You can get started no matter how many children want to get involved, how experienced they are with the game, or how much space you have available to you. The rules can be as strict or as flexible as you want depending on the group of children you are working with and their familiarity with the game, making it one of the most inclusive games around.

What you'll need to get started:
Our kwik cricket range contains everything you will need to get started with your games as soon as possible. Two bats, two sets of stumps, a set of plastic cones, one plastic cricket ball and a little bit of space are all you will need, alongside a group of excited children and someone to keep track of the score. A few batting tees can also be useful to help the children develop their batting technique.

If you are ever stuck for an activity to keep a group of children entertained, occupied and active, this game could very well be the perfect solution.

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