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Playing sports is more than playing games and winning medals, it is a way to learn good sportsmanship and understanding the value of teamwork. These traits can be used on and off of the playing field and also useful in everyday life.


Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, there are a range of apps that can suit your routine. Take a look at the best free workout apps of 2020

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Cricket is a very demanding and exhausting sport and it can take a physical toll on an individual’s body. Physical fitness needs to be taken seriously if an individual wants to be recognised as a good cricketer. Yoga asanas are perfect for improving stability and flexibility.


Quack quack, today we’re talking about cricket ducks. Somewhat different to the sort of duck you might be used to, the cricket terminology for a “duck” is when a batsman is dismissed with a score of zero (aka without scoring a single run).

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If you have a junior netball player in your life, or you are one, then you’ll know how important it is to play in the right kit. Not only will wearing the right clothing offer increased protection and support to growing bones and muscles, being part of a team in the same kit increases motivation and emotional wellbeing!


We all like to think that cricket is a gentleman’s game (as we do all sports really) but there have definitely been some moments in the past that were not what we’d class as “genteel”.

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There are lots of different aspects that make up a rugby players kit, some being the basic essentials and some being extras to assist in the player’s training and development.


Have you ever had the urge to play or watch cricket whilst you are travelling or waiting around? That may not always be possible, but installing some great cricket apps are the next best thing, from live stream cricket games from around the world to virtual cricket games you can play yourself.


“3 Lions on their shirts, it’s coming home….” We all know the lyrics, we all know the logo, but do we all know why England proudly wear the lions?


Cricket vs Baseball

Even though we’re not a nation of baseball players, it’s surprising how many people get the two games mixed up (not so much in this country where cricket is as “British as tea”, but abroad).