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When you think of cricket you think of well-oiled bats, green grass, bright whites and shiny red cricket balls….the colour pink doesn’t tend to feature highly. However, the pink cricket ball makes its appearance in day/night matches, replacing the traditional red – so why is this?

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We’ve looked before at the history of the 3 Lions that our England footie team wear, but what about the rose proudly worn by our national rugby team?


Cricket Fitness 101

Cricket training is essential for basically all levels of cricket but how do you train for different positions effectively? It is obvious that consistently playing cricket will help you improve as a player, but will it actually increase performance in speed, reaction time and variation.


With the little ones slowly getting back into the groove of school, it is important to encourage them for their PE lessons. Physical education should be a part of everyday life for people of all ages, especially those at school.


With hockey balls reaching a top speed of 100mph, it is essential that all hockey players wear some kind of protection whilst playing the game and training. Although sprains and muscle injuries are the most common injuries in hockey, contact with a hockey ball or stick can cause bone fractures, eye injuries, concussion, and broken teeth.


If you know any junior cricket players, you will know how important it is to play in the best kit with the best equipment. Using the correct equipment is crucial to offer increased protection and support for growing bones and muscles. So, what does the junior cricket player really need?


Rugby is a fast-paced game and included running and endurance as well as high levels of contact and tackling. With this there comes the risk of injuries which can be minor or quite serious so it is important to identify what injury you have


Playing sports is more than playing games and winning medals, it is a way to learn good sportsmanship and understanding the value of teamwork. These traits can be used on and off of the playing field and also useful in everyday life.


Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, there are a range of apps that can suit your routine. Take a look at the best free workout apps of 2020

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Cricket is a very demanding and exhausting sport and it can take a physical toll on an individual’s body. Physical fitness needs to be taken seriously if an individual wants to be recognised as a good cricketer. Yoga asanas are perfect for improving stability and flexibility.