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For someone who is new to the world of rugby, the different types of clothing and equipment can seem daunting. The seasoned player will already know what they need to buy, but for a new starter or someone buying for a junior player may find it harder. Rugby clubs will give guidance but for a little extra help, we’ve put together this handy guide on the different types of rugby boots and the play styles they are designed for.

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Without further ado….

Firm Ground Rugby Boots

Firm ground rugby boots (also known as FG rugby boots) are designed specifically for use on firmer surfaces, such as AstroTurf or hard, dry playing fields. They typically have shorter, moulded studs which allow for maximum grip and stability.

Example: Asics Lethal Speed RS Rugby Boots

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These boots have moulded cleats and a 10mm heel height, which together give increased grip, cushioning and durability during play.

Soft Ground Rugby Boots

These boots have been designed for softer, marshier ground conditions and are typically used in the Winter and Spring when it’s most likely to rain. Some SG boots have the option for changeable studs in terms of stud length, so longer studs can be used when the ground is very wet as opposed to shorter ones in drier conditions. having a good grip is very important during play tactics such as scrimmaging where the feet provide a huge amount of traction.

Example: adidas MALICE SG Rugby Boots

adidas MALICE SG Rugby Boots BLACK/SCARL

These boots are built specifically for soft ground play and as such have Non Stop Grip technology which allows for increased control during play and kicking. They also have screw in studs combined with moulded cleats which offers increased grip in marshy conditions.

Hard Toe Rugby Boots

Hard toe rugby boots are the most traditional boot styles used in rugby and are heavier than soft toe options (although modern technologies used ensure that these do not feel suddenly very heavy in play and impact performance). They do offer maximum protection to the foot in its entirety and are often worn by those playing in the Forward position.

It is important to note that most “hard toe” boots these days have reinforced toe areas, as opposed to older style hard toe boots where the toes were encased in a very hard material.

Example: Gilbert Sidestep XV HIGH HARD TOE Rugby Boot

Gilbert Sidestep XV HIGH HARD TOE Rugb

These boots offer a reinforced toe area for extra protection against stud injuries as well as a mid-high cut ankle for extra support. The logo wrapped around the foot acts as a stability cradle and they are made to fit like a second skin.

Soft Toe Rugby Boots

These boots are a step away from the traditional hard toe boot and are more like “booties”, which offer ankle and foot protection but are lighter than the hard toe boots. These are great for reaching top running speeds but do forego protection in the toe area from stray studs.

Those playing in the Back position tend to go for soft toe boots to maximise agility and speed.

Example: adidas PREDATOR XP Rugby Boots

 adidas PREDATOR XP Rugby Boots BLACK/SCA

These boots are designed for use by backs and back row players with  a soft feel and sock like fit. They have a textile upper and a lightweight outsole that offers maximum traction.

Both hard and soft toe boots come in low or high ankle options.

Mid Ankle Rugby Boots

Mid ankle rugby boots are designed to support the ankle specifically, using from a material such as neoprene or similar that gives good protection. This type of boot also helps to keep the inside of the boot clean and free of water or dirt, but sit lower on the ankle than high ankle boots.

Example: Gilbert Sidestep XV HIGH HARD TOE Rugby Boot

Gilbert Sidestep XV HIGH HARD TOE Rugb

This mid ankle rugby boot has reinforced toes, synthetic leather uppers and a mid-high ankle cut which offers additional support to the wearer. The 8 stud outsole offers balanced weight districution and ultimate traction.

Junior Rugby Boots

These are specialist boots for junior players. They are available in smaller sizes than boots for senior players, and are often the same as the bigger sizes, just smaller in design. With this in mind, they tend to offer the same professional technology and protection as senior boots.

Example: adidas Junior X 19.3 FG J Football Boots

adidas X 19.3 FG J Football Boots BL

These boots have been designed for club and school age players. They have a flexible mesh upper, low cut collar with a snug fit for stability and are lightweight to ensure the foot does not get bogged down in a heavy shoe.

Please note that studded football boots are not acceptable for use in rugby, as these studs have sharp edges – if your child plays both sports, then make sure that if they are using one pair of boots that the studs do not screw in.

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