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There are lots of different aspects that make up a rugby players kit, some being the basic essentials and some being extras to assist in the player’s training and development. When a junior rugby player starts off, they are usually at an age where they are still growing so it is more important to have the essential kit than the additionals at this stage to keep it affordable for parents.

Essential Kit

Basic KitBasic kit would consist of a top, shorts and socks. These can be colour coordinated for a team or just worn for training.

  • The top needs to be breathable and still have enough room for a base layer to fit underneath when the weather gets colder. Squads usually have a set of rugby tops when they are playing matches but at least one for training only is important. 
  • Shorts need to have room to move but also stay up when running; drawstring shorts are a good idea because they can be adjusted as a child grows.
  • Socks are good to have in the winter months to keep the player's legs warmand they can also be used to help secure shin guards if the player would prefer them. In the summer months, the socks can be rolled down if they make the player too hot.

Baselayer – In the winter months it can be harder for junior rugby players to play due to the cold weather so a good quality junior base layer for the top and bottoms is a must. They are light and easy to move in but still provide extra warmth for the body.

We offer a wide range of baselayer tops, shorts and leggings for junior players including Skins Carbonate, Kooga, Gilbert, Precision Fit and more.

FootwearRugby boots are crucial for all rugby players including juniors because the studs in the boots provide traction and grip. These stop the player falling over and slipping around when they are tackling.

  • There are lots of different types of rugby boots that can be worn on different types of ground. For example, if the game is on soft ground like wet fields, boots with 6-8 studs are the best bet.
  • The next type of boot would be better for firm ground. These offer between 10-14 plastic studs which offer grip in both soft and harder grounds as well as artificial grass.
  • The hard ground/turf boot is designed for extremely dry conditions like turf or very dried out ground. They have very small rubber studs to provide optimum grip on dry land without penetrating the ground.

Overall, firm ground boots with 10-14 studs are the most versatile and and allow the player to get the most out of their boots. Hard ground boots are not very efficient for rugby in England due to the wetter conditions throughout most of the year.

Protection – Protection is an important aspect of a player’s kit because rugby is a contact sport. Shoulder pads are a good way to protect juniors whilst they are playing any position. However, wearing these cannot guarantee complete protection against shoulder injuries, they just soften the blow of any impact.

Wearing a head guard can protect juniors from damaging their ears and skulls as there can be some bumps in scrums and or other tackling. Both head guards and shoulder pads are available for juniors on our website.

As rugby is a contact sport, it is crucial that junior players’ are protected. This is done by wearing a mouthguard.

Mouthguards can be hard to get used to, so it is important for children to start wearing them from a young age. Mouthguards protect juniors’ teeth and can also prevent concussion due to the cushioning they give between the teeth.

We stock a range of junior mouthguards, including items from big brands such as Gilbert, Canterbury, Makura Ignis, Shock Doctor and more. They can all be easily fitted at home using the ‘boil and bite’ method – this is where you submerge the guard in hot water for the stated time and then bite down for a personalised fit.

Additional Items

Other items such as training bags, hoodies, joggers etc can still come in handy but are not the most crucial items to have because they are not completely necessary to play the game. However, if a junior has been playing for a good amount of time and is enjoying playing rugby, it is worth investing in some further equipment to complete their kit.

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