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Even if you know all about hockey and how to play the game, you can’t start training until you have all of the essential training equipment. In field hockey, there is a fair amount of equipment you will need before you get stuck into training.

The type of training equipment you buy will vary based on what position you are training to play in; for example, if you are training to be a hockey goalkeeper, then there is a lot more protective equipment to purchase than in the role of a sweeper or a forward. There are some general items that all players will need, and some specific to different positions.

Hockey Stick 

A hockey stick is the most important piece of equipment you will need to start training. Put some extra effort into selecting the best hockey stick for you and make sure it fits your body perfectly – there are also different sizes for junior and senior players

There are a range of factors to consider when picking your hockey stick which include length, weight and material.

  • Length – The length of the hockey stick you should get is dependent on your height.
  • If you are 5ft – 5ft 4in a 36 inch stick is the size for you
  • If you are 5ft 4in – 6ft 2in then a 36.5 inch stick is the best size for you
  • If you are 6ft 2in – 6ft 5in then a 37.5 inch stick is the best size stick for you
  • If you are above 6ft 5in then a 38 inch stick is for you.
  • Material – Hockey sticks are usually made from carbon, wood, fibreglass or a mixture of all 3. Wooden sticks are more forgiving and flexible, so they are the best option for a beginner player.
  • Weight – Hockey sticks come in a range of different weights to suit different people better. For better control, go for a lighter stick, but if you would prefer more power, choose a heavier option

Practice Hockey Balls

Practice hocky balls are different to actual game balls, and this is because they mostly made from hollow plastic or filled with cork. The cork balls are often more durable than the hollow plastic options.

Practice hockey balls have a smoother surface than the regular balls that have indentations. These smoother balls are better to play with on a range of surfaces and help to increase control.

Shin Guards

Hockey balls can be extremely fast when hit at full speed; shin guards give great protection against getting injured.

Shin guards are made of a hard outer plastic shell with a thick layer of foam on the inside that sits comfortably against the skin.


Cones are great equipment for training in hockey and increasing your skills. You can dribble around them and practice control of the ball and your stick.

Cones are relatively budget friendly but still very effective when it comes to strengthening hockey ball control.

Rebound Board

A rebound wall is a piece of equipment which you hit the hockey balls into at different speeds and they return to you. This piece of equipment can help you to practice control and reflex speed.

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