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We stock products from a number of netball manufacturers and brands, all carefully selected to ensure we can cater to every need of all netball players.

Netball Clothing

Gilbert – Gilbert is a big name in the netball world and we stock a wide range of their netball clothing items. These include:

  • Dresses
  • Bibs (reversible and otherwise)
  • Skorts
  • Tops

Morrant – We have designed and developed the Morrant Performance Skort, which is made from power-stretch polyester with spandex. The outer skirt is 250gsm and the inner shorts are 200gsm.]


Gilbert – Gilbert is a big brand in this area, with a huge range of netballs available in different styles and for different training or play needs.

Gilbert training balls include the:

Gilbert balls designed for matches include the:

  • Pulse (in a range of designs) – A good quality ball with a blended rubber surface and Duragrip pimple configuration.
  • Spectra – Designed for junior level matches with a cotton laminate construction and blended rubber surface.
  • Eclipse – ideal for schools and clubs alike, with a multi laminate construction and hi grade natural rubber outer surface

Mitre – Mitre is the other big name in the netball area, again with balls suited to both training and match play. These include:

  • Intercept Training Ball – Durable with a soft feel and high performance latex bladder.
  • Oasis Training Ball – Colourful and fun, this training ball is fully moulded with pimpled emboss for extra grippiness and durability during training.
  • Mouldmaster – The Mouldmaster has a treated nylon wound construction and moulded outer surface.
  • Ultragrip Match Ball – This ball is well named; with an all weather moulded outer surface, it is offers extra grip for all match conditions.

Netball Shoes

It’s very important that netball players wear the right shoes for both optimum performance and support. Brands well known for their netball shoes include:

  • Asics – Well known for the performance Asics GEL range of shoes, used for both netball and other sports such as running.
  • Mizuno – The Mizuno Wave range of netball shoes have two different options, the Wave and Zest models. These have different types of construction aimed at different needs. 
  • Adidas – adidas netball shoes include the Response, ClimaCool and Duramo models, which are all designed with different needs in mind.
  • New Balance – New Balance netball shoe options include the WN1600 and WN1100 models. These differ in their material construction and subsequent price point.

Netball Training Equipment

Training equipment is essential for all netball players, both seasoned and at entry or junior level. There are different categories within this area, including:

  • Agility – Training equipment for agility includes agility kits, rope ladders and hurdles.
  • Power/Speed – items such as cloth parachutes and rope ladders help with speed and power training
  • Player equipment – Players need to ensure they have sufficient storage to carry their training equipment and items such as water bottles to matches.
  • Match etiquette – items such as boundary poles and markers help players to learn the layout of the pitch and their position within it.

Some brands specialise in the training equipment sector, both for netball and other sports. These include:

  • Precision Training – The clue is in the name; specialist training products from this brand include Power and Speed Parachutes, Agility Ladders and Marker Cones.
  • Gilbert – These guys crop up a lot in all sport sectors; for training purposes, they offer items such as training balls and equipment bags.
  • Optimum – Optimum training equipment includes marker cones, hurdles and training ladders.

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