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Trying to find a Christmas present for a family member or friend can be difficult, especially if you have no idea what you are looking for. Sometimes it is worth finding out if they are into any hobbies or sports to give you an indication of where to start, and if they are interested in netball, then you have come to the right place.

Netball is a very popular team sport, and it is enjoyed by many. There are a range of gifts you can buy a netballer to make their Christmas special, whether it is netball clothing, netball equipment or accessories to make the game even more enjoyable.

Netball Balls

A netball is a standard piece of equipment for any netball player. Most likely, anyone who plays regularly will get through netballs very quickly and a new one is always appreciated. You can pick one in their favourite colour or choose one with a nice design.

A good ball to buy would be the Gilbert Flash Match Netball. This is of professional quality and made for outdoor use. The rubber surface is top grade, and it features a high-performance grip configuration. Waterproof laminators and technical fabrics are combined to enhance the life and performance of the ball, making it very durable and a great gift.

Netball Clothing

Clothing for netball can be varied as most of the time, there is no set uniform. However, players still need to be able to move around freely without being restricted by too many layers. For most women, netball dresses are the go-to because they are not too restrictive and are comfortable.

A great present would be the Gilbert Eclipse Netball Dress – this is available in 6 different colours and it comes equipped with a mesh insert for added ventilation. It is made of stretch fabric, designed to enhance a player’s movement and comfort.

Netball Shoes

Wearing the right footwear is very important for netballers because it provides not only comfort, but lots of support during play. Once you know their shoe size, we have a range of different styles to choose from in our netball shoe range.

An amazing pair of netball shoes are these ASICS Netburner Professional Netball Shoes. They feature a gel cushioning system for the rearfoot and forefoot as well as a personal heel fit for comfort and support.

Netball Training Equipment

Most of the time, a netball enthusiast is always looking for ways to improve their skill and this is where training equipment comes in handy. There are lots of different training equipment to consider, but the best bet is usually a kit that contains a whole range of equipment to optimise performance.

The Precision Training Ultimate Speed Agility Kit contains hurdles, ladders, space markers, a speed resistor harness, an evasion belt, a speed chute and much more! This is perfect if they are just starting to train and don’t have much equipment.

If the person you are buying for already has a lot of small pieces of training equipment, then maybe a netball ring is a good idea. You could either buy a ring to be fixed to a wall or an actual freestanding post, such as the NB1A-R Regulation Netball Post.

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