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Netball may be a non-contact sport, but that doesn’t mean that taking proper steps to protect yourself isn’t important. Although the rules state that physical contact is not allowed, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk of injury through game play or accidents.

The most common netball injuries include ankle sprains, ACL injuries, shoulder pain and chilles Tendinopathy. Wearing protective equipment can help to prevent against these injuries, or reduce their severity.

Well-designed netball shoes

Wearing a good pair of netball shoes will help to protect your feet and ankles, as well as improving your game. Netball shoes or trainers that incpororpate design aspects like cushioning, lightweight midsoles and ankle support will reduce impact shock during play, improve stability and reduce the risk of ankle sprains.

Options with sockliners are also beneficial, as these improve orthotic comfort and help to stop the foot slipping around inside the shoe, which further improves stability.

Good quality sports socks

Wearing thin or ill fitting socks can contribute to the risk of ankle and foot injuries, as they do not help to cushion the foot and thin socks can also contribute to the risk of the foot slipping around inside the shoe.

Poor socks also increase the risk of blisters, corns and calluses on the feet. Athletes foot can also be a problem exacerbated by socks that do not wick away moisture.

Kinesiology tape

Used by players in many sports, kinesiology tape aids muscle movements and improve blood flow. It can be worn to help prevent injuries around high risk joints such as the ankles and knees, as well as to aid with recovery.

Please note that kinesiology tape should not be applied to broken skin.

Ankle support

Wearing a good and well fitting ankle support provides stability to the joint. They are often used as preventative measures to help reduce the risk of ankle injury, as well as providing support for pre-existing injuries.

It is important to ensure a good fit by wearing the right size. Some options come with straps for extra support.

Instant Ice Packs

As well as wearing protective equipment, it’s also a good idea to carry some single use instant ice packs. These are ideal for injuries such as bruises and bumps or soft tissue injuries. They work to cool and relieve pain, as well as reducing swelling.

First Aid Kit

Carrying a full first aid kit is also important – this needs to include items such as bandages, waterproof dressings, wound cleansing wipes, sterile swabs, plasters, nitrile gloves and skin closures. Better to be prepared than not!

Magnetic therapy bracelets

Some netball players choose to wear magnetic therapy bracelets or wristbands. Magnetotherapy is designed to stimulate healing in the body using magnetic fields to penetrate into the soft tissue and bones.

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