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With the little ones slowly getting back into the groove of school, it is important to encourage them for their PE lessons. Physical education should be a part of everyday life for people of all ages, especially those at school.

Primary school children can benefit from physical education to help them become aware of healthy lifestyles from a young age. However, PE can be an overlooked subject due to the lack of enthusiasm, the lack of subject knowledge and time pressure from other areas in a primary schooler’s curriculum.

  1. Physical Fitness

For some children, PE is the only exercise they get in a week and it is crucial to optimise on this time. With an evolving world of technology, many children are spending less time outdoors after school and at the weekends. It is vital that children are given the opportunity to run around, play football or whatever the case may be. Child obesity can come along with some serious health complications and it is crucial to implement the importance of a healthy lifestyle and normalise physical fitness in children whilst they are young, so it follows them into adulthood.

  1. Boosts confidence

For many children, educational work can leave them feeling deflated and maybe not as good as their peers. Occasionally this can lead to reckless behaviour and lack of effort in all subjects. However, physical education can offer a boost so the students can show what they are talented in, which can help increase their confidence and excel in something they are happy doing.

  1. Teamwork

Physical education is a great way to implement teamwork into primary school children. This can be done through a school sports tournament or in small classes throughout the week. Teamwork in these tournaments can spark passion and a sense of togetherness throughout the school. PE can take a group of children who don’t speak on a regular basis and turn them into an unbreakable team. This sense of teamwork also flows from PE into a range of different classes in the child’s curriculum.

  1. Healthy growth and development

Activities play an important part in the role of primary school children as it can promote healthy growth and development of cartilage and bones. Bone strengthening exercises can include jumping, climbing, bike riding and push ups. These all exert a force onto the bone, in turn enhancing the strength. Cardio based exercises can promote a healthy heart because they provide oxygen to the muscles. Exercises such as football, basketball and skipping can encourage a healthy heart if they are done at least 2 times a week for 20 minutes at a time.

  1. Improved Sleep

A perfect night sleep is essential for children to have a happy and healthy life. When children take part in PE and exercise regularly it uses up lots of their energy so when it comes to go to bed, they can easily get a full night’s sleep. Children who don’t exercise at all can have built up energy which can prevent them from sleeping properly because they are restless. A complete night sleep can make primary schoolers be more engaged and attentive in their other lessons.

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