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Batting in cricket requires a combination of technique, concentration, and mental strength, and it is very important that junior players start as they mean to go on.

Our pro batting tips for junior cricket players include:

Stance and Grip

Maintain a balanced and comfortable stance.

Hold the bat with both hands close together and grip it comfortably. The top hand (left for right-handed players, and vice versa) should be more dominant.

Head Position

Keep your head still and level. Ensure your eyes are focused on the bowler's hand as they release the ball.


Practice quick and light foot movements. Be ready to move forward (for full deliveries) or backward (for short-pitched deliveries).

Strive to get into a good position early, allowing yourself more time to play shots.

Shot Selection

Understand the situation of the game and play shots accordingly.

Focus on playing straight and driving the ball along the ground.


Develop a solid defensive technique. Learn to play forward and back defensively, using a straight bat.

Watching the Ball

Pay close attention to the ball from the bowler's hand to the moment it makes contact with the bat. Practice "watching" the ball onto the bat to improve timing.

Patience and Concentration

Batting requires patience. Wait for the right balls to score off and defend the good ones.

Running Between Wickets

Work on quick singles and sharp turns. Communication with your partner is crucial.

Practice judging the calling and responding to quick singles.


Improve overall fitness, as it contributes to better endurance during long innings.

Enjoy the Game

Remember to enjoy playing cricket. A positive mindset contributes significantly to good performances.

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