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Buying gifts for friends and family can often be a challenging task and finding the perfect gift can cause stress if you don’t have an idea of what you are looking for. It’s easier if you know the recipient is into a certain sport or hobby, and if you are thinking of buying a present for a cricketer, then you’ve come to the right place for inspiration!

Cricket is a great sport and there are so many different present ideas that can make any cricketer’s Christmas. From cricket clothing to equipment, accessories to even cricket biographies, there are plenty of options, and we have put together a range of cricket gifts that might spark your imagination!

Cricket Balls

A true cricketer will never have enough cricket balls. Due to how fast they are thrown and hit; they can become worn very quickly. A worn cricket ball can be useless because of the seam causing it to bounce in an inconvenient way. As the rate of which they wear out is quite high, backups are always necessary and can be a cost efficient, but very useful gift.

We recommend The Dukes Special County Grade 1 Pink cricket ball which is hand crafted and developed specifically to meet the demands of the Day/Night Test Match format. This ball has the same characteristics as the red version but is finished with a high-vis pink to play under lights.

The premium Alum tanned English leather used to create the cricket ball creates the best levels of performance with unique characteristics.

Cricket Bats

Although they may already have one, a cricket bat is still a good option to gift your cricket crazy friend or relative! They would definitely appreciate it and you can even take it a step up and have a personalised message engraved into it. You could even try and find a bat that is signed by a cricketer!

We recommend The Kookaburra Ghost 2.2 for the perfect cricket present. It is sleek and is covered in white and silver graphics (fitting with the Christmas vibes!). The bat has a full profile for maximum power across the table and is made from Grade 2 unbleached English willow. It can also be personalised making it great for a Christmas gift.

Cricket Starter Sets

If the friend or family member you are buying a gift for is a cricket enthusiast and enjoys watching the game regularly, you could surprise them at Christmas by gifting them a cricket starter kit with the basic equipment. This is a good way for them to get into the game easily and learn how to play cricket, vs watching it

We recommend the Kookaburra BLAST range which is the perfect impact resistant and high-quality cricket set for a player’s first step in the game. It contains a bat, three stumps, a base, a ball and a bag to carry it all!

Gift Vouchers

Sometimes it can be hard to pick out a specific present for a cricket crazy friend or family member because sometimes they just have it all! Instead, why don’t you consider a gift voucher so you can show you have put some thought into the gift whilst giving them the opportunity to select which presents, they would benefit from the most!

The Morrant Gift Voucher is available in £5, £10, £25, £50 and £100 to suit your budget, and available to spend in our store!

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