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The journey to making it in any professional sport can be a long and difficult one, but it does have the potential to be extremely rewarding if you are passionate about the game. If playing professional cricket is your goal, then we would recommend the following:

Have a real passion for cricket

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, can you actually do this and am I passionate enough to dedicate my life to the sport? Even though you may love the game and play it recreationally, it will take time and dedication to become a professional.

If the answer is yes and you already play cricket for fun, make sure you put the hours in and practice weekly (daily if possible), to increase your chances of making a professional team. Make sure you have all of the correct clothing equipment including, helmets, body armour, gloves and shin guards to keep safe whilst playing the game.


The next step is to work with a cricket coach. This can be costly and time consuming but using their services are a great way of improving to the next level. The more time spent training with your cricket coach, the more skilled you will become. You can find coaches in the area through research online, at cricket events or postings at your local cricket club.


University is a good way to get a foot in the door on your journey to becoming a professional cricket player. You can either speak to your school counsellor or do some online research to help you decide which universities will give you the opportunity to play cricket. Make sure you look into the academic programs that each university offers and whittle your list down to around 4-5.

You will have to work hard to meet the grades to get into university and it is important that you recognise that academic qualifications are very important in your journey to becoming a professional cricket player. Make sure you find out the grade point average for the university and aim as high as possible to give you the opportunity of being accepted.

Show interest in the university course by getting involved in extracurricular activities at school, try to meet professors at university events and do as much community service as you can in your free time. You can then include all of this information that supports your interest in the university, the course and the sport you would like to play there in the application process.

University Cricket Team

If you are successful in your application to one of your university choices, try your hardest to get onto the cricket team. Look around the university to find out when try-outs are being taken and take part. You can also talk to the coach about your interest in playing on the team and hopefully they will give you some good advice prior to attending.

If you fail in your first attempt of joining the cricket team at your university, don’t give up. Be persistent and practice when you can before trying out the next year.

Local Clubs

To become a professional player, you should have experience playing in a local cricket club. If you are not already a member, find a local club to gain experience. When you are a member of a cricket club, you can be nominated for trials into state borough teams, then minor county teams and then finally county teams.

Highly competitive team

The next step is to join a highly competitive team and look for open try-outs. Once you have become a competitive player at a semi-professional level, look for try outs on professional teams. Try to befriend the recruiters and other high level cricket players to find out about try-outs.

Be sure to find a way to stand out and become a valuable player because there will be lots of people at an open try out. Remember to be a good team player and perform well throughout your journey.

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